Adoption and Assisted Reproduction

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Adoption and Assisted Reproduction

Adoption clients have been married couples, same-sex partners, and single parents. We have handled numerous Washington re-adoptions of children adopted internationally. We also routinely counsels birth mothers who are consenting to second-parent adoptions by their same-sex partners. We have worked with all parties in assisted reproduction agreements -- sperm donors, egg donors and recipient parents -- to ensure that the interests and goals of all parties are being carefully and appropriately addressed.

Prenuptial, Cohabitation and Domestic Partnership Agreements

Our firm encourages couples entering into new stages of their relationships - whether by marrying, moving in together, buying property together, or officially becoming domestic partners via registration or ceremony - to carefully plan for the financial management of their new partnerships, and to investigate and understand the legal consequences of their arrangements.

We believe that a good relationship agreement can be exceedingly helpful in establishing expectations and practices for a long future together. And in the event of dissolution of the relationship, a good agreement can minimize conflict and cost. Our firm makes it our practice not to draft agreements unless the couple is committed to doing so collaboratively, utilizing us either as a mediator and draftsperson (not counsel to both partners), or as counsel to one partner as part of a collaborative team.

About Us

We strive to guide clients through their family transitions with intelligence and compassion. With a skill set that includes mediation, interest-based negotiation, litigation, and Collaborative Law, our firm works with her clients to reach durable solutions via the means most suited to the client's needs and preferences.

Our family law practice includes adoptions, assisted reproduction, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, divorces, domestic partnership dissolutions, child support and parenting plan modifications, non-parental custody actions, paternity matters, relocation disputes, and appeals of family law trial court rulings.

Our practice is as varied as the circumstances of her clients, but the goal is always the same: pragmatic and creative resolution that serves clients and their loved ones completely.

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